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Cooking Tips

Cooking Tips

Premium Beef Mince

The secret with cooking mince with low levels of fat is to ensure moisture loss is kept to a minimum. Do not overcook your premium product. It is a great idea to remove mince from the pan whilst completing the rest of the cooking, then add it back at the end.

When cooking lean burgers, apply more than your usual amount of your preferred cooking oil to plate or pan as lean mince has very little fat content which it can release. Your efforts will be best rewarded if you do not overcook burgers made from Beef Natural mince.

Beef Natural Lean Beef Sausages

Apply a dash of oil to pre-heated BBQ plate or pan. Our product will release little or no excess fat so to retain moisture and tenderness do not pierce sausages. Our product tastes best if it is not over cooked.

Beef Natural Roasts

Slow cooking a roast ensures consistent cooking through the meat. The temperature of the oven or slow cooker is kept low for a longer period of time, which raises the internal temperature of the roast slowly. This type of cooking avoids having the outside of the meat overcooked and the center pieces undercooked.

Essential steps – Coat the meat with oil rather than adding oil to the pan so the meat browns well. Brown the meat in small batches. Keep the heat at medium-high. Remove meat from pan, add the liquid and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat to low, so the liquid is at simmering point before returning the browned meat to the pan. Check that the dish simmers gently during cooking. Stir occasionally and adjust the heat if needed.

Premium Lean Burgers

Made from high quality lean beef, our burgers take only 10 mins to cook on a BBQ. Ensure the plate if cleaned and covered with a fine coating of cooking oil. Place burgers on plate and once placed do not move these as moisture loss will occur. Once moisture starts appearing on the top of the burgers, flip over for a further 5 mins. Serve with onions and salad for a tasty healthy meal which take little time to prepare

Premium High End Steaks

Our steaks have been aged and come from quality young cattle. A steak must be cooked quickly on a very hot BBQ plate to seal the moisture in the steak and ensure full eating quality can be achieved.

  1. Pre-heat the cleaned BBQ plate till it is smoking.
  2. Splash some olive oil on the cleaned plate
  3. Coat both sides of the steak with seasoning and a light coat of olive oil
  4. Place steaks on BBQ plate and do not move once placed
  5. Turn over steaks once moisture begins to appear on the top surface of steak
  6. Turn down heat to low after a few minutes to ensure steak is not over cooked

A well cooked steak will have some pink inside and will be tender and juicy. Rest for a few minutes before serving

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