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(0452) 508 304 PO Box 649, Mt Barker WA 6324

About Us

Beef Natural is a family run business which is an extension from our beef cattle farm located just outside Mount Barker, Western Australia. The peaceful farm environment is a great place to raise our young daughters.

Naturally Grown

We are firm believers in producing naturally lean and healthy beef. We have discovered that through selective breeding, beef cattle can naturally grow fast and lean. Thus our beef is hormone and antibiotic free meaning healthier beef with succulent taste.

Health Benefits

The eating of lean beef is highly desired by consumers and its health benefits are underpinned by the National Heart Foundation.
All our beef products are Heart Smart grade and our sausages contain minimal fat.

Pick Up or Delivery

Our quality Beef Natural products are available all year round and come in the following bulk lots: mince 20kg, sausages and steaks in 10kg, burgers in 5kg and roasts 1.5kg.
A delivery service is available, or orders can be picked up on from collection points in Perth, Albany or Mount Barker.

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